Sustainability in Home Textile production: Bangladesh

Sustainability in home textile is more important than over in Bangladesh today! In today’s world, a textile company can not be happy with merely increased sale. It needs to look at the larger picture as well. Increasingly, buyers are looking for suppliers wh

Why beach towels make fantastic promotional items for your clients

Promotional beach towels in Bangladesh are your perfect sourcing option Western companies are often in a dilemma when it comes to picking gifts for summer promotional campaign.  We’d like to opine how promotional beach towels are the way to go. If you are seekin

Ethically made towels in Bangladesh

Ethically made towels should not merely make you feel comfy and cozy on the outside. You will also feel good knowing that these towels were made with high quality materials, in state-of-the-art facility and most importantly – by satisfied workers in a healthy env

Terry Towel Products of Noman Terry Towel Mills Limited

Perhaps the only terry towel factory in Bangladesh with a truly diverse product range The most common terry towel products made in Bangladesh by Noman Terry Towel Mills Limited are baby hooded towel, terry bib, bath mat, bath robe, bath towel, kitchen towel, beach

Why Bangladesh has the best terry towel manufacturing solution in South Asia

Although there’s competition from Indian and Pakistani manufacturers, Bangladesh is emerging as the top sourcing destination for terry towel. “Terry Towel Manufacturer in Bangladesh” is a much more frequently searched term in search engines these days as buye

Towel Factory in Bangladesh should have these eco-labels

Any towel factory in Bangladesh should have these eco-labels! You may come across many cheap towel factory in Bangladesh or premium towel factory in Bangladesh claiming to be producing what you need. However, all such claims need to be thoroughly verified. Along wi

Towel Factory in Bangladesh can be highly compliant!

Towel Factory in Bangladesh can be highly compliant these days! Read a few reasons why. Gone are the days when there was a notion about towel factory in Bangladesh that it is not compliant. Especially in the last two years, the top towel manufacturers have starte

5 Tradeshows for Terry Towel Manufacturers

Are You a Terry Towel Manufacturer in Bangladesh, Pakistan, or India looking for a solid platform to showcase your products? Learn about these top tradeshows today! As the leading Terry Towel manufacturer in Bangladesh, Noman Terry Towel Mills Limited knows the i

10 Reasons to Source Towel from Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a great destination for sourcing if you’re looking for cheap terry towels, premium terry towels or even sustainable terry towel production! 1. Economical Production: Thanks to labor costs being one of the lowest in the world, you can find very affo

10 Tips for Terry Towel Tradeshow

The best insider tips from Noman Terry Towel Mills Limited for manufacturers who are looking to attend terry towel trade shows. As one of the best terry towel supplier in Bangladesh for terry bath towel, terry beach towel, terry hand towel, terry tea towel, terry t

12 Ways to take care of your towel

Terry towels also need love and care to last for ages! Here are 12 ways to ensure the great mileage from terry towels! No matter what kind of towel (terry bath towel, terry beach towel, terry hand towel etc.) you buy, you need to take care of it properly to be usin